Ok, the ask box is back, but there are some news that I want to explain.

I keep receiving more and more messages.
I’ve always said that they are really difficult to manage, I think one of the reasons is that tumblrers use the ask function in a way that is different from what it was initially intended to be. In my case, messages are usually used as comments on my posts, or on my answers to some questions. This has been going on for some time, but with the increase of my followers, it has become really hard even just publishing all those messages. This is why I’ve started thinking about an alternative solution, I’ve asked for advice, and I’ve also thought about closing the ask (that is what I’ve done in the past days).

There are 3 fundamental points:

- I don’t want to censure who wants to express an opinion.
- I don’t want to remove the possibility to develop an interesting discussion through a comment or a question.
- I want to minimize the inconvenience that the huge amount of published messages can bring to the readers.

For these reasons I’ve decided to change my “editorial policy” about comments/questions.

First, I’m going to allow replies to "everyone" to the posts. In this way:

- You can keep on expressing your opinions on the posts through the comments.
- You can keep on using the ask for the questions.

It’s quite simple: if you want to comment something I post, then use the reply function; if you want to ask me something, then use the ask function.

Here are the advantages:
- Readers outside the discussion won’t be bothered by the publishing of so many messages.
- The discussion will be kept together, with all the comments grouped in a single place.
- I will have the time to answer the questions in a better way.

This is not a perfect solution. The replies are allowed only for people who follow me for more than two weeks. This is a tumblr feature that I can’t modify.

I could also enable comments using disqus. But the thing is that disqus is not completely integrated in tumblr: you can’t comment straight from the dash, like the usual replies, you should go straight to the post. Moreover, disqus doesn’t allow you to log in directly with your tumblr account, it will ask you to insert a name, an email and, if you want to, the link to your blog. I realize that this is more complicated than simply writing an ask. But it’s not that complicated. You can do it. So, if you like the idea, I’ll do it.

Let me know.

In addition, I’m not going to allow anonymous questions anymore. I know that some of you write anonymously because you’re shy or something, but most of the times, anonymous questions are just gratuitous attacks. My problem is not being attacked, it’s the fact that if you’re anonymous I’ve got two choices: either I publish you, or I don’t. Since the latter is a censorship, and I don’t want to censor, all I can do is to publish the message. But usually readers are not interested in fights, so I won’t allow anonymous questions anymore. You can keep on sending me messages of disesteem, attacks, critics or whatever, but this time I’ll know your tumblr and I’ll answer you privately. I don’t bite (at least, not that much).

I’m going to link this disclaimer in the homepage of the blog, so that even those who don’t read this post will know how it works.

I will ignore, or answer privately, those who keep on sending messages that are not questions but just comments.

I hope this can help me to manage better all the messages and comments.