Those among us who are unwilling to expose their ideas to the hazard of refutation do not take part in the scientific game.
↳ Karl Popper - The Logic of Scientific Discovery, p.280.

That was the beginning, and the idea seemed so obvious to me and so elegant that I fell deeply in love with it. And, like falling in love with a woman, it is only possible if you do not know much about her, so you cannot see her faults. The faults will become apparent later, but after the love is strong enough to hold you to her.
↳ Richard P. Feynman - Nobel Lecture, December 11, 1965.

Ideas do not always come in a flash, but by diligent trial-and-error experiments that take time and thought.
Charles K. Kao, Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009

People don’t care about books […] They care about ideas.
The Future According to Tim O’Reilly 

These are men with bold ideas, but highly critical of their own ideas; they try to find whether their ideas are right by trying to find whether they are not perhaps wrong. They work with bold conjectures and severe attempts at refuting their own conjectures.

Sir Karl Popper (via w0rstcas3scenar1o)

These men are scientist.

(Source: zoolnotes)