Tumblr to follow [Weekly edition]

Today I cut many feed from my Google Feed Reader, mostly English blogs, because I realize that I can’t read all the posts in my feedreader, most of the time I look through them very quickly, sometimes without even read their title. I also decided to put more attention to read significant articles in my own language (Italian, of course). I will subscribe only to few and very specific sources in English.

On tumblr I have a similar situation, my dash is incredibly cluttered, I follow almost 900 persons, there is not a moment in wich a new post don’t appear, this is fun, but obviously I can’t pay attention to all the posts. So I have to unfollow someone, first I’ll start with all the blog that don’t have posted anything since 2-3 week, then I don’t know. I would follow back all my follower, really, but this is not more possible.

I also have to reduce time I spend on internet, but for this, I have not found a solution yet.