Jtotheizzoe has something to say to the science editors of tumblr about the way posts are featured in the Science tag:

Can we please, pretty please, pleasepleaseplease STOP featuring posts that are copied straight from news articles?!?

He rightly argues that these king of posts are a form of plagiarism, and that highlighting them the science editors “make it [plagarism] seem acceptable”.

Well, I’m a science editor (I can star your posts) and I feel that this issue should be addressed. Jtotheizzoe’s suggestion not to feature those posts is basically what I already do, and that’s one of the reasons I feature one, maybe two posts per day.

So, once again, please, give credit to the source of your content, you just have to put a link and use quotation marks, is not that hard. 

And I hope some other editor will adopt a more proper-citations-are-important featuring policy.