In the last months this blog has experienced a progressive decline in the number of produced posts. There are several reasons that come to my mind to explain why is that, but probably the better one is about the fact that I lost motivation. Unexpectedly, despite the lack of regular updates the blog gained more and more followers. [That’s flattering, but at the same time makes me suspicious about the relationship between quality of a blog and number of followers.] 

Anyway, I always feel a little lost when I follow a blog and it slowly fades away, and then it just stops posting, without saying anything, so I thought to make this post.

I’m not going to update scipsy anymore. This could change, but for now I don’t feel like posting here anymore. I’m not going to delete it.

If someone would like to stay in touch, just send a message or something. This is my mail:

If someone is wondering: “Who will fill my dash with science now?" here’s a list of sciency tumblr I followed:

That’s it, I think.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.