Scipsy Valentine’s Edition

From Esa With Love: a romantic animation of heart shaped things as seen from space.

Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo use CK Obsession to make a perfumed heart-shaped sack to stimulate mating behaviour in Raika and Lampur, two Sumatrian Tiger. (via NewScientist)

Malaria parasite goes bananas before sex, literally, it changes into a banana shape before sexual reproduction. 

The male of Paratrechalea ornata, a south-American species of spider, uses "gift" wrapped in silk as a ”nuptial gift” to encourages the female to accept him as mate.

But talking about humans, did you know that falling in love makes you broody? Yes, especially if you are a man. When one fall in love shows greater activation of brain areas related to parental attachment when they see a baby compared to single people. Be careful.

Anyway guys, I must tell you:

"To date, there is no compelling evidence any online dating matching algorithm actually works.

Ah, another thing: 

This year Valentine’s Day is mathematically cancelled: 14-2-12=0”