Who are you? Where do you live? What you look like? And other personal informations…

I’m Danilo, I’m 25 and I live in Italy, in a small town near Rome. I look like this. Want to know more? Read this. Want to know even more? You need to buy me a beer. It can be arranged.

What do you study/do? Are you a doctor? What is your job? 

I studied psychology, earning a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. I’m doing my traineeship in a Mental Health Center.

Are you religious or are you an atheist?

I’m an atheist. Read this.

How is it scipsy pronounced? 

I pronounce it this way. It’s the Italian spelling. Many English-speaker followers say they pronounce it “sigh-sigh”. You can just pronounce it the way you prefer.

What are your absolute favorite science tumblrs?

NeuroPsyDoctor8Real Clever ScienceIt’s Okay To Be Smart.

Can you suggest some good science books?

Here’s a list.

What about your theme?

I designed it myself.

Why didn’t you answer my question? Why did you reply to me in private? 

If I didn’t answer your question, I probably didn’t received it. Try again. 

I publish some answers and I reply in private to others. If I had to publish all the questions I receive, this blog was filled with “what’s your name?”, “other personal stuff” and questions to which I reply simply with “I don’t know”. 

I have no fear to say “I don’t know” in fact I say it quite a lot, but this is a blog, and people read it for things other than just I-don’t-know-posts.

Sometimes instead, I just click to “publish” or “answer privately” without think so much.

I just asked you a dumb question and your reply was really sarcastic, why are you so mean?